17 Jan

“I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.”

Leon Levinstein

Exploring your local area can often provide some unexpected surprises, and that was certainly the case for me when I discovered the hidden gem of Killadeer in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions. This townland may not be on the tourist map, but it has plenty to offer for those looking to escape the confines of their homes. Killadeer is situated just a mile off the main road to the west of Ballyheane village, and within the 5km radius limit for Level 5 restrictions. At first glance, it may seem like nothing more than a bog, but a closer look reveals a wealth of natural beauty waiting to be captured through the lens of a camera. The woods to the north and west of Killadeer are a mix of modern Coillte woods and remnants of an ancient forest, with bog oak stumps still visible around the area. A particular highlight is Killadeer Lough, a picturesque lake nestled within the bog. The area boasts a rich biodiversity of species, including rare plants, birds, and invertebrates, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. One of the most unique features of Killadeer Lough is the remains of an ancient Crannog, which can still be seen today. These man-made islands were constructed on top of tree trunks stuck into the lake bottom, piles of rocks, mud, and other debris, or natural islands. The crannog on Killadeer Lough is noted by the National Monument Service and provides a fascinating insight into Ireland's history. While the area is mostly used for turf cutting and grazing, it is also known to be frequented by herds of deer, although they can be elusive and difficult to spot.

Killadeer's rich natural heritage and diverse wildlife make it a captivating destination for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Ireland's hidden bog land areas. After my visit, I walked away with a newfound appreciation for the unique and enthralling beauty that lies within this unassuming townland just a stones throw away from where I live.

Map showing Townland of Killadeer with bog, lake and woods.

Killadeer Lake

Killadeer Bog

Killadeer Wood

Carpe Diem

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