26 Jul

β€œLet us go in; the fog is rising.”

Emily Dickinson.

Erriff Wood is a small oak wood situated on the main road between Westport and Leenaun. It’s a little gem of a wood for anyone looking to get some good photographs, and it is also a rare spot to see hundreds of Sessile oak trees exist in their natural habitat. A local farmer informed me that no permission is needed to enter the woods, where you are free to roam freely within its boundaries whenever you want.

Erriff Wood and Erriff Bridge.

I took advantage of the opportunity to get some moody photos in the woods over a few days when the previous hot weather brought about some fantastic low fog in the region. To visit the woods while the fog was at its thickest and before the sun had a chance to burn it off, it was necessary to get there early in the morning. Once the fog had dissipated and the gentle golden hour light of the morning had descended, it was a fantastic chance to get some wonderful shots of the trees and the ferns.

A Fly agaric mushroom or also known as  Amanita muscaria.

Carpe Diem

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